IKEA Industry


Who we are

IKEA Industry is the largest producer of wooden furniture in the world and manufactures wood-based furniture for IKEA customers. Together with external IKEA suppliers, we represent the IKEA production capacity.

IKEA Industry is a core area of the Inter IKEA Group. We secure production capacities for growth. The aim is to create products that have great customer value, in terms of quality and price. Next to that, our ambition is to be the good example in all aspects of business and people, which includes sustainability.

IKEA Industry consists of 43 production units in 9 countries: China, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, and the USA. We have around 20,000 co-workers.

Our top five production countries are Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Portugal and Sweden.

What we do

We produce two types of furniture: solid wood and light-weight or board based wood. We are active within forestry, sawmills, furniture component production and furniture production, as well as product development.  

Our four divisions are: solid wood, flatline, boards and purchase.

Solid wood

Our solid wood division manufactures for example the popular HEMNES bedroom series and the IVAR storage system.


PAX wardrobes, KALLAX storage units and LACK tables and wall shelves are just some examples of our lightweight products that come up high on our customers’ shopping lists.


This division produces high density fibre board, particle board and lightweight board. These materials are further used in our own factories. They end up in customers’ homes as lightweight furniture that is easier to handle and assemble.


By bundling volumes and establishing professional partnerships with our suppliers, this division helps us make our products accessible to the many people. 

Sustainable IKEA Industry

Our aim is to have a positive impact on the planet, save resources and produce more from less. We contribute to protect biodiversity, we use sustainable resources and reduce carbon emissions throughout our value chain.


All wood used in our products must be sourced from suppliers that meet our Forestry Standards. We regularly review and audit our operations to ensure this.

IKEA Industry is audited every year by an independent third party for compliance with the FSC® standard.

For FSC documents related to operations in Russia, please visit IKEA Russia's website.

Energy independence

IKEA Industry strive towards energy independence. Either via conversion to biomass fuels, by purchasing more “green” electricity, or by running energy efficiency projects. 

Our goal is to have energy management at every site. We put strong emphasis on energy efficiency, and renewable heat and the so called green electricity projects and purchase strategies.

Water positive by 2020

IKEA Industry has set a goal to become water positive by 2020. We want to contribute to the increased availability of clean water in the communities where we operate - beyond our own needs. We have the responsibility to act and have a positive impact on people, the local water cycle and the hydrosphere in each unit. 

The safety of our co-workers is our priority

IKEA Industry offers safe and healthy working conditions. We work continuously to improve and develop the safety of our workplace on a long-term basis. 
Our safety principles are:  

  • Safety First – everything I do, I do it safely 
  • I am responsible for my own and my colleagues’ safety 
  • I always follow the safety routines 


IKEA Industry present in three continents

IKEA Industry units can be found in many parts of the world. At the moment we are present in 9 countries.

IKEA Industry Poland
Babimost, Chociwel, Goleniów, Konstantynów, Lubawa, Orla, Resko, Stalowa Wola, Stepnica, Wielbark, Zbąszynek, Zbąszyń
IKEA Industry Sweden
Hultsfred, Malmö (Klipphult), Älmhult
IKEA Industry Russia
Novgorod, Tikhvin, Vyatka
IKEA Industry Slovakia
Jasna, Majcichov, Malacky, Trnava
IKEA Industry China
Dalian, Nantong
IKEA Industry USA
IKEA Industry Portugal
Paços de Ferreira
IKEA Industry Hungary
IKEA Industry Lithuania
Kazlu Ruda


Our mission

IKEA Industry delivers outstanding customer value by developing production capacities where we create a unique advantage.

Our industrial know-how contributes to the entire IKEA value chain.

Industry woodworker

Poland is IKEA Industry’s largest production country with around 10,000 co-workers. This rest of the top five consists of Russia, Slovakia, Portugal and Sweden.

IKEA classics

From IKEA classics like IVAR solid pine wall units and LACK tables to REGISSÖR cabinets, IKEA Industry manufactures and produces wood-based IKEA furniture.


Modern wood technology is an innovative construction of furniture with high strength that is very light while it looks and feels like natural solid wood. It costs less then solid wood and is equally durable. This technology has been developed in IKEA Industry in Lubawa, Poland where it is used to produce the LISABO table series. Innovations like these make our offer even more accessible to the many people.

IKEA industry management group

IKEA Industry Management Group

Top row: Anders Schönström (Human Resources); Henrik Andersson (Solid Wood); Eva Valter (Boards), Örjan Jonsson (Finance & Security), Leif Hultman (Industry Manager).

Bottom Row: Robert Zanichelli (Flatline); Per Berggren (Industrial Strategies); Peter Grimvall (Purchase, acting; as of September 1, 2016 Anna Mörch); Pia Westerberg-Selin (Communications).