Our Business in brief - Inter IKEA Group

Our Business in brief

IKEA: Many companies, one brand

The IKEA Concept is the core asset of Inter IKEA Group and its franchising operation. The overall purpose of Inter IKEA Group is to secure continuous improvement, development, expansion and a long life of the IKEA Concept. This will require investments in both good and bad times.

Since May, 2016, there are separate holding companies and management teams for the IKEA related business and the investment business, previously part of Inter IKEA Group. The reason for this change is to enhance business focus and efficiency. Inter IKEA Holding B.V. (located in the Netherlands), is the new holding company for all IKEA related businesses.

The holding company of the investment business, Interogo Holding AG was established in Switzerland in 2016.

Different companies operating under the IKEA trademarks

Around the globe, a large number of companies operate under the IKEA trademarks. All IKEA franchisees are independent of Inter IKEA Group. A large group of franchisees are owned and operated by INGKA Group. Inter IKEA Group and INGKA Group have the same founder, and a common history and heritage, but have operated under different owners and management since the 1980s. 

The new Inter IKEA Group

To improve the IKEA franchise system and clarify roles, IKEA range, supply and production activities transferred to the new Inter IKEA Group headed by Inter IKEA Holding B.V. The ownership changes came into effect on 31 August 2016. The Inter IKEA Group is now composed of three core businesses – franchising, range and supply and industry.

The entities will work together to build a stronger franchise system. To build an even better IKEA offer together with retailers and suppliers based on existing and new strengths in our value chain. The aim is also to provide franchisees with best possible conditions for implementing and operating the IKEA Concept, and to create a strong platform for future expansion and growth.

The management team

The management teams of Inter IKEA Systems, IKEA Range & Supply and IKEA Industry.
Top row (left to right): Catarina Löwenadler, Deputy Range & Supply Manager; Peter van der Poel, Range & Supply Manager; Lena Pripp-Kovac, Sustainability (Range & Supply); Ulrika Rosling, HR & Competence (IKEA Range & Supply); Anders Gårlin, Business Transformation (Inter IKEA Systems); Sophie Cedervall, Corporate Communications (IKEA Supply); Pia Westerberg-Selin, Communications (IKEA Industry); Henrik Andersson, Solid Wood (IKEA Industry); Eva Valter, Boards (IKEA Industry); Anders Schönström, Human Resources (IKEA Industry).

Middle row: Karen Pflug, Quality (IKEA Range & Supply); Martin van Dam, Business Steering (Inter IKEA Systems); Robert Zanichelli, Flatline (IKEA Industry); Göran Stark, IKEA Markets (Inter IKEA Systems); Christina Niemelä-Ström, IKEA Competence Development  (Inter IKEA Systems); Örjan Jonsson, Finance & Security (IKEA Industry); Helena Nilsson, HR & Competence (Inter IKEA Systems); Kristina Petersson Lind, Range & Design (IKEA Range & Supply); Leif Hultman, Industry Manager; Peter Grimvall, Purchase (IKEA Industry, acting; as of September 1, 2016 Anna Mörch); Erika Entiso, Assistant Range & Supply Manager.

Bottom row: Kuba Jankowski, CEO Assistant (Inter IKEA Systems); Paolo Cinelli, Digital Business (Inter IKEA Systems); Anneleen Waterloos, IKEA Business and Consumer Intelligence (Inter IKEA Systems); Torbjörn Lööf, CEO (Inter IKEA Systems and Inter IKEA Group); Kristofer Magneteg, IKEA Commercial (IKEA Range & Supply); Per Berggren, Industrial Strategies (IKEA Industry); Henrik Elm, Purchasing & Logistics (IKEA Range & Supply); Linda Vikström-Nielsen, Communication (IKEA Range & Supply) Jon Abrahamsson Ring, IKEA Concept (Inter IKEA Systems) missing at the picture..

IKEA Franchising

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the franchisor and the owner of the IKEA Concept, including the IKEA trademarks. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. franchises systems, methods and proven solutions to franchisees worldwide for the sale of IKEA products under the IKEA trademarks. Inter IKEA Systems has the assignment to continuously develop the IKEA Concept and to ensure its successful implementation in existing and new markets. The IKEA Concept rests on a firm foundation: a low-price offer in home furnishings. The three main components of the IKEA Concept are the IKEA product range; efficient systems, methods and proven solutions for marketing and sales; and the IKEA symbols, of which the most important are the IKEA trademarks.

Franchising has been found to be the best way to expand the business based on the IKEA Concept, to keep the concept together and to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. IKEA franchisees implement the IKEA Concept by marketing and selling the IKEA product range. With the exception of the IKEA Delft store, all IKEA stores operate under franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. The IKEA franchisee has the responsibility to run, manage and develop their local business.

IKEA Range & Supply

IKEA Range & Supply, is responsible for developing and supplying the global IKEA range. This means  IKEA Range & Supply works with the value chain end to end from supplier to customer. From the needs and wants of the many people, through product development and the sourcing of raw materials, to a product’s end-of-life. Together with other units, IKEA Range & Supply is responsible for communicating the IKEA home furnishing offer.

IKEA Industry

IKEA Industry is the largest producer of wooden furniture in the world and manufactures wood-based furniture for IKEA customers. IKEA Industry secures production capacities for growth. The aim is to create outstanding customer value in terms of quality and price. At the same time, IKEA Industry aims to have a positive impact on the planet, using sustainable resources and producing more from less.

Holding and governance structure

The governance structure of the Inter IKEA Group was formed with two main considerations in mind.

Securing the growth and development opportunities of the group and the IKEA Concept.

Guaranteeing its independence and ability to maintain a long-term perspective.

Inter IKEA Holding B.V., located in the Netherlands, is the holding company for the new Inter IKEA Group. Torbjörn Lööf is the CEO. The management of Inter IKEA Holding B.V. is overseen by a Supervisory Board. 

Supervisory Board

Anders Dahlvig, Chairman

Søren Hansen

Mathias Kamprad

Birger Lund

Management Board

Torbjörn Lööf

Martin van Dam

Anders Gårlin